Update Log

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31 Oct 2021
>ver 0.4.3 abdicate
- added more element and pages
- improve and modified some content
- complitely maintained the color set integrity
- making heart more peach pink
- preparing for ciie

25 Oct 2021
>ver 0.4.2 Octopus
- switched some design
- changed some ultity deployment
- make it seems better
- finished some content

23 Oct 2021
>ver 0.4 pre-launch
- removed some content & pages
- added some content & pages
- improve website experience
- improve website's content efficiency
- improve botton and switch method & vision
- prepare for cashier service evalution & supplier's check

21 Jul 2021
>ver 0.2.41
- added a announcement on home screen.

05 Jul 2021
>ver 0.2.4
- Added FYss page, list and enforced counter will be added in future.
- Other character error fixed.

23 Jun 2021
>ver 0.2.31
- Updated about us
- Fixed some error

19 Jun 2021
> ver 0.2.3
- Added update log, contact us, about, sitemap.
- Modified homepage, brandpage, adjusted shoppage & some bottom.
- Other small glitch fixed.

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